Duplicate and Originate Regular AND High Security Keys With One Machine!

The Xtreme-S allows you to originate and duplicate standard and high security keys with one machine.

Features of the machine include:

  • One vise assembly handles all types of automotive & standard keys – no need to change when going from standard to high security keys
  • The Xtreme-S includes a milling cutter and an end mill run by two separate motors eliminating the need to change from one to the other


Easily decode both standard and high security keys

  • Calibration on the Xtreme-S is handled automatically


Tablet with code software installed is included with the machine

  • The Xtreme works seamlessly with our Genericode key code software (preinstalled)

LKP1001-2:                            3-D Pro Xtreme w/Laptop & Holder

LKP1002/XTRJ1:                   Jaw 1 - High Security Moveable

LKP1003/XTRJ1S:                 Jaw 1 - High Security Stationary

LKP1004/XTRJ2:                   Jaw 2 - Box

LKP1005/XTRTUBULAR:      Tubular Jaw

LKP1006/XTRBRUSH:          Brush Wheel

LKP1007/XTRBOLTDOWN:   Bolt Down Kit

LKP1008/XTR2.5:                  TR2.5 End Mill (Single-Ended HS Cutter)

LKP1009/XTR62.2:                TR62.2 End Mill (Lexus 80000 Series)

LKP1010/XTRTRACER:         Tracer Tip (Double Ended)

LKP1011/XTRSTYLUS:          Stylus (Calibration Gauge Pin)

LKP1012/XTRTIP:                  Tip Stop / High Security Jaw

LKP1013/XTRBADAPTER:     B Adapter (BMW 2 Track Key)

LKP1014/XTRTIBBE:             Tibbe Fixture

LKP1015/XTRMOUNT:           Laptop Mount

LKP1016/XTRCUTTER:         Cutter Wheel

LKP1018:                                Carbide Cutter For Jaw 2

LKP1019/XTR.5:                     Tubular Cutter

LKP1037/XTRTIP2:                 Tip Stop / Jaw 2

LKP1038/XTRSHOULDER:     Shoulder Stop / Jaw 2

LKP1041/XTRLXADAPTOR:    Lexus Adaptor

LKP1180/XTRGCDL:                Genericode Download(For Xtreme)

XTRBELTBR:                            Belt For Brush

XTRBELTHS:                            Belt For High Security Motor

XTRTRACERJAW:                    Duplicating Tracer Jaw