What HATA Stands For

HATA Incorporated is an experienced, highly capable provider of superior-quality key blanks, key machines and related security equipment to locksmiths, national fleets and government service agencies, HATA has earned an excellent reputation through prompt, dedicated service.


HATA’s corporate offices are located in Bath, Pennsylvania. The company is owned and operated by Mr. Richard De Leon, President and CEO. He has been in the key business for over 25+ years. Started HATA (How About Those Apples) over ten (10) year ago.


Mr. De Leon always had a vision to change the way automobile and truck keys are sold to the auto industry. He has changed the airport rental car market by implementing a Van Key Program with over 20 vans nationwide in some of the largest airports in the United States. Delivering keys on-sight in a matter of minutes.


Customers receive real advantages because of our certifications. But the main reason so many industry and government leaders choose HATA is quality. HATA means superior products, a comprehensive inventory enabling shipment within 24 hours, and expert, personal attention to individual customer needs. Since 2000, our customers have chosen us not primarily for our certifications, but because of the caliber of products and services HATA offers.

Recently HATA was awarded the following by Avis/Budget:


“Congratulations.  HATA Incorporated has been selected as a winner of the Avis Budget Group Diverse Business Enterprise Award. This award recognizes a WBE, MBE, and ACDBE that have each shown exemplary innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to succeed.  Your organization has been selected as the ACDBE award recipient and it would be our honor for you to join us on May 13th & 14th 2014 for two days at the Avis Budget Group World Headquarters. Here, you will be presented your award.”


HATA will continue to develop new visions for the Auto Key Industry, never seeking to remain a key leader in this market.


With every new year we are vigilant in staying up to date with any advancements in the car industry. We are fully aware of the growing products and technologies within it. It is because of this ever growing, and changing field that it has become necessary for us as industry leaders to intensify our service. We provide advanced key cutting services to customers all over the country, as many locations do not have the capability to service newer models. We are at the forefront of development when it comes to this industry,  HATA remains ahead of the game. Here at HATA we take the time to train and familiarize our technicians, and staff with upcoming products and resources so that as a unit we can provide the keys to success for you and your company.