Framon’s DBM-1 – Make Quick Work Out Of Flat Steel Key Duplication

The Framon DBM-1 is designed to cut safety deposit box, locker, and padlock keys. This specialized flat key duplicator will duplicate blanks up to 2 1/2″ long. The DBM-1 comes equipped with a .045″ carbide slotter. After recent design changes, the DBM-1 now features a wire deburring brush (nylon also available).


Rotating Guide For Different Cutter Widths..

The DBM-1 features a rotating guide which can be paired up to six different cutter widths. Widths available in .035″, .055″, .066″, and .088″. A .100″ cut can be made by pairing the .045″ and .055″ cutters.


All The Quality You’ve Come To Expect From Framon…

Depth adjustments can be made in .001″ increments. As with all Framon products, sealed ball bearings are used in the spindle. Built-in rod wipers keep the carriage rod clean as you cut keys.


The Framon DBM-1: designed to do one job and do it right.

You can expect years of trouble-free service from your DBM-1. Cut Master Padlock corrugated keys, locker, letterbox, and safety-deposit box. Even cut two keys at a time!


Available with 110V AC or 12V DC Motor – no up-charge

220 V AC Motor available

Dimensions: 10 1/2″ W x 16″ D x 6 1/4″ H

Weight: 33 lbs.



PART #          Descriptions


DBM-1:          Flat Steel Key Duplicator

DBMS351:     DBM-1 Instruction Manual

DBSH002:     Guide Block

DBSH060:     Vise For DBM-1

DBSH112:     Guide Shaft (DBSH003 & 3.5)

DBSH113:     .1 Depth Guide (DBSH004 & 4.5)

DCMS251:     Nylon Deburring Brush

DCMS252:     Steel Deburring Brush

DCSH114:     .1 Calibrated Ring

DPSH007:      Yoke Rod

F2MS601:      Drive Belt (Old style machines w/cast base)

GHMS601:     Drive Belt (New style machines w/aluminum base)