High Speed Duplication Made Easy!

Distinctive Features of the Express Semi-Automatic Include:

Quick & accurate duplication of almost any cylinder key effortlessly

Built-in tip stops for shoulder less keys eliminates the need for key stops

Tip stops reverse for I/C type keys with notches at the tip

Rod wipers are included in each casting; during cutting, these wipers keep shavings out of the guide rod & housing

All aluminum castings, hardened steel guide and a TiAln coated high speed steel cutter to ensure longevity & ruggedness

Sealed bearings used throughout the machine

Can accommodate keys up the 4 3/8″ in length

Depths adjustments in .001″ increments

3 1/4″ of clearance between cutter & vises for ease of key loading & unloading

Wire brush included

Approximately 10 seconds to duplicate a six pin key


The Express carries Framon's one-year, parts, labor and freight warranty.

Available in 110V or  220V (upcharge for 220V)

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 10

Weight: 37 lbs.

Drive Belt Change Effective 3/9/05: LKMS605



PART #          Descriptions


EXP1:             Express Semi Automatic Duplicator

GHMS601:     Drive Belt for Express s/n<920240

ICMS561:       Adjustable Vise Clamp Nut

ICMS601:       Linked Drive Belt - supersede to JDMS601

JDMS601:      Drive Belt - Green Round for JD-12/EXP/MD

LK84TiAln:     Express Cutter

LKMS003:      Right Hand Torsion Spring

LKMS004:      Left Hand Torsion Spring

LKMS075:      Push Pull Knob

LKMS076:      Yoke Handle