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Our FRA-2001 Computer Driven Code machine is the ultimate code cutter for those involved with cylinder or automotive work. For 2005, the machine will have several new enhancements to the control software, which is our Genericode ME program. Shown below is the main screen of the program.


What the buttons all do…

The Code # button enables you to look up a code number and generate a key. The machine will search through utility, vehicle, padlock, antique, and Illinois/Chicago double bitted codes.

The Utility, Vehicle, Cycle/Boat/Airplane, Padlock, and Original Manufacturer buttons allow you to search for a particular category & determine which code series they use. This is especially handy when you have a long number which may be a code. You can see what the manufacturer actually uses for a code series & determine if you have the correct number, or if you need to drop a few digits from the number.


Manufacturer allows you to cut keys for locks such as Schlage, Kwikset, or any series that does not have a code. If you need to generate a Schlage key, simply click on Manufacturer, select the Schlage record, and enter the cuts. The 2001 machine will then generate a key.

Information is a data section of the program containing contact information for industry companies, such as manufacturers, distributors, schools, etc. It also contains a Locksmith Ledger editorial index.

Application Setup allows you to enter your two preferred key blank types, as well as choose metric or US mode for measurement display.

History is a section where you can save records of key generated on the machine. You can store customer information for future retrieval.


Those are the basics of the program. The software will make your job easier, with features such as:

Fill in the missing cuts (for automotive work this is a necessity)

A complete section of Determinator half cuts to work with this handy tool

The ability to print out the page in the Manufacturers or Code Lookup section

Generate a progression chart for automotive work

Easily cut keys from a progression chart

If you have other code equipment, Genericode shows cutting information for popular machines, such as card number, cam/carriage, etc.

You can install the program on other computers in your shop and van at no additional charge.

Dimensions: 20″ w x 20″ d x 18″ h

Available in 110V AC or 220V AC

Shipping Weight: 60 lbs.

Drive Belt Replacement Effective 3/9/05: CNCMS605

If you have an FRA-2001, Autocode, or Accu-Cut key machine and need a USB to COM converter cable, visit this web page and purchase the USBG-232 Cable. We have tested it on our machines here and found it to work properly.



PART #          Descriptions


CNCMS16:        Hex Key 5/32 Short Arm

CNCMS251:      Brush For 2001

CNCMS405:      Chip Guard For FRA-2001

CNCMS503:      Fuse for FRA-2001 (ABC-20)

CNCMS505:      Optical Home Sensor

CNCMS605:      Drive V-Belt FRA-2001 supersede to CNCMS606

CNCMS606:      Drive Belt - Green Round for FRA-2001

CNCMS660:      Shroud Guard For FRA-2001, HATA

CNCMT002:      220V Motor (1/12 hp 42 Frame)

CNCSH050:      Standard Vise

CNCSH060:      IC / Peaks Vise

CNCSH065:      KeyMark Vise for FRA-2001

CNCSH070:      Detention Vise

CNCSH072:      Safety Deposit Box Vise For FRA2001

F2MS551:         Key Stop (Shoulder Stop)

FRA2001HM Hata FRA2001 (includes PC)

FRA2001N:         Locksmith FRA2001

FRA2001PC:       Laptop For FRA-2001

FRA2001W:         Automotive FRA2001

FRA2001WC:      Automotive FRA2001 with Laptop

CNCMS03:          Snap Action Switch (rear)

CNCMS06:         On/Off Switch (front)

CNCMS09:         Vise Spring For FRA-2001

CNCMS13:         Knurled Thumb Screw For FRA-2001 Tip Stop

CNCMS14:         Tip Stop For FRA-2001

CNCMS15:         Hex Key 3/16 x 9"