Makes cutting paracentric & mogul keys quick & easy!


The JD-12 is designed exclusively for detention keys such as mogul & para-centric.

Designed on the same principals as other Framon key machines, the JD-12 incorporates cnc-grade linear ball bearings on both the X & Y axis, as well as hardened rods. This gives the machine an extremely smooth motion & allows precise user control. Similar to our Sidewinder high security automotive duplicator, a control lever is mounted on the left side of the machine to control carriage movement. An interchangeable guide allows the machine to be converted from cutting paracentric-style keys to cutting mogul keys. All cutting wheels for the machine are made of solid carbide. Changing the machine over from paracentric to mogul takes approximately one minute. The JD-12 is preset at the factory to cut paracentric keys; the mogul kit is available separately.  (part number JD-12MK)



The JD-12 is the first Framon key machine to show off a new powder-coated finish on the guards. The powder coating provides for a longer, heartier finish on the guards.

If you are a locksmith involved in cutting detention keys, consider the Framon JD-12. The machine is another example of Framon s dedication to precision, durability, and accuracy that we have been known for over the past 35 years.



PART #          Descriptions


JD-12:            Paracentric Detention Duplicator / .088

JD-12/A1:       Paracentric Detention Duplicator / .066

JD-12M:         Mogul Detention Duplicator / FC078PC

CNCMS605:   Drive V-Belt for FRA-2001 Supersede To JDMS601

DBC1088:      .088" Carbide Cutter

DBC1103:      .103" Carbide Cutter

FC078PC:      Mogul Cutter, Carbide

ICMS56:         Adjustable Vise Clamp Nut

JD-1266:        JD-12 .066" Guide & Cutter Kit

JD-1288:        JD-12 .088" Guide & Cutter Kit

JD-12MK:      JD-12 Mogul Kit (includes cutter & guide)

JDMS1266:    Guide kit for JD-12 / .066 wide

JDMS1288:    Guide kit for JD-12 / .088 wide

JDMS601:      Drive Belt - Green Round for JD-12/EXP/MD

JDSH060:      Jail Vise Top & Bottom