Framon’s Revolutionary Code Machine…When You Need Accuracy And Speed

Some Call It The “Electric Punch”

What Is It? The KX-1 is designed to quickly and accurately code cut cylinder keys, and in particular, high security keys. The KX-1 uses interchangeable depth and space cams to cut just about any cylinder key in use today. The cams take only seconds to interchange, and no adjustment is needed from one manufacturer to the next.

Tom Demont, National Sales Manager from Assa High Security Locks, has this to say about the KX-1: “Since 1988, Assa has been furnishing our end users with the KX-1 code machine. We know we can count on the machine to make key cutting an easy job. It is the most accurate and precise key machine we have found for cutting our high security Assa key blanks. Add to that the fact the machine rarely needs adjustment – a great key machine in every way!”

We’ve already tested the machine on locks such as Medeco, Assa, Schlage Primus, Kaba PEAKS, and Best. Kaba has already approved and recommends the machine for cutting its’ PEAKS .140 and .150 keys. Assa offers the machine to their Twin/V-10 end users.


The machine is capable of cutting keys accurate to .0005″ in about fifteen seconds. For interchangeable core type keys, the vise has a built-in tip stop. For others such as Medeco or Schlage, a shoulder stop properly aligns the key.

When switching from one manufacturer to another, simply remove an Allen screw to take the cam off of the machine. Reinstall the screw to put the new cam on the machine. Of course, depending on which type of key you plan on cutting, a cutting wheel change may also be necessary. Patented keys such as Medeco KeyMark may also need a vise change to properly hold the key.


When purchased, the KX-1 comes set up for whichever manufacturer you prefer. Additional cams, cutters and vises can then be purchased separately based on your needs.  Kits are available for the following manufacturers:

Assa, Arrow, Best A-2, A-3 and A-4, Corbin-Russwin (including Emhart), Falcon, Kaba Peaks .140 and .150, Kwikset (including Titan), Master, Medeco Commercial, Bi-Axial, and KeyMark, Sargent, Schlage Standard, Primus and Everest, Weiser, Yale. The KX-1 is ideal for institutional locksmiths using only one or two key systems. Locksmiths who do large masterkey systems or routinely cut high security keys will also appreciate the new KX-1.

Cams, Cutters, and Vises for the KX-1



KX-1 Space & Depth Cams


MANUFACTURER          SPACE CAM        DEPTH CAM            CUTTER        VISE         SUFFIX

Arrow                                    1                          S                             FC9045          1               AR

Assa                                      2                          A                             FC9032          4               AS

Assa MK “0”                          2A0                      AM                          FC10416        4               AM

Best A-2                                13                        P                              FC9054          2              B2

Best A-3                                13                        N                              FC9054          2              B3

Best A-4                                13                        M                              FC9054          2              B4

Corbin D,H,Z Sys 70             3                          B                              FC9054          1              CD

Corbin K,N Sys 70                3                          D                              FC9054          1              CK

Corbin X Sys 70                   12                        E                              FC9054           1              CX

Corbin X Pre 70                    12                       CX                            FC9054           1              CXP70

Corbin GH                             4                         X                              FC9090           1              KW

Corbin 981                            3                         Y                              FC9054           1              C9

Corbin Z Pre 70                    3                         Z                               FC9054          1              ZC

Dorma D Series                   DR                      P                               FC9051           1             DD

Emhart                                  3                        F                               FC8615           1             EM

Falcon Standard                   7                        R                               FC9090           1            FS

Falcon I-Core                       13                       P                               FC9054           2            FI

Grundman                            16                      G                               FC9051           1            GR

Kaba Peaks 140                   15                      P                               FC9054           2            K4

Kaba Peaks 150                   13                      P                               FC9054           2            K5

Kwikset                                 4                        X                               FC9090           1            KW

Kwikset Titan                        14                      X                               FC9090*          1            KT

Lockwood                             20                      U                               FC9045           1            LK

Master                                   9                       L                                FC9045           1            MS

Master Padlock                     17                     Z                                FC9045           1            MA

Medeco Bi-Axial                     6                      T                                FC8615           1            MB

Medeco Commercial              5                      V                                FC8615           1            MC

Medeco KeyMark                   13                    W                               FC9054           3            MK

Medeco M3                             6                     T                                FC8615            M3         M3

Ruko                                       19                    A                               FC9032            4             RK

Sargent C,R,L                         10                    J                               FC7863            1             SR

Sargent U,R,K,G,T,UT            10                    H                              FC7863             1             SU

Sargent Degree DG1               5                     DG1                         FC9054             1             DG1

Sargent Degree DG2/DG3       5                    DG2                         FC8615             M3          DG2

Schlage (incl. Primus)              8                    C                              FC10031           2             SC

Schlage SFIC                          18                   P                              FC9054             2             ST

Weiser                                      7                    R                              FC9090             1             WE

Yale Pro-Key                             22                 O                              FC9045             1             YP

Yale Standard                           11                  K                              FC9045             1             YA

* Kwikset Titan uses a special cutter for the first cut. If needed, an

extra cutter charge will be applied.

Ordering Information


Item Part Number

KX-1 Code Machine KX-1-00

(no cams, cutters, vise)

Single Depth Cam KXxxDC

Single Space Cam KXxxSC


(xx is suffix listed above)

Kit 1 – Two Cams KXxx01

Kit 2 – Two Cams, Vise KXxx02

Kit 3 – Two Cams, Cutter KXxx03

Kit 4 – Two Cams, Cutter, Vise KXxx04


Why All The Kits?

The KX-1 can easily cut any of the keys above without any adjustment when swithing from one manufacturer to another. Simply change the cams, as well as the vise and cutter if needed.

If you were a locksmith cutting PEAKS 140, Medeco Commercial, and Kwikset, here’s what we would recommend:


KX-1 key machine (KX-1-00)

Kit 4 for Kaba Peaks 140 (KXK404)

(Cams 15 & P, FC9054 cutter, Vise 2)

Kit 4 for Medeco (KXMC04)

(Cams 5 & V, FC8615 cutter, Vise 1)

Kit 3 for Kwikset (KXKW03)

(Cams 4 & X, FC9090)


The Kwikset and Medeco kits use the same vise, so you would only need to order kit #4 for Medeco and kit #3 for Kwikset (or vise-versa).

NOTE: The KX-1 uses standard Framon cutters – if you are ordering a KX-1 and already have a particular cutter, simply order a #2 kit – use your existing cutters!