Duplicate Almost Any High Security Key In Use Today

A sampling of the keys you can duplicate on the Sidewinder 2:


Mercedes 2 & 4 Track



Lexus long & short




VW / Audi



Kia / Hyundai

Ford Fiesta




NEW! Seven cutters and three guides included at time of purchase! VW/Audi Vises Also Included!

The Sidewinder 2 includes two each of our 5/32″ cutter, 3mm cutter, and 3/32″ cutter as well as their respective guides. Our GHCB093LS cutter is now included in the SD2-LX7 package. Volkswagen & Audi vises are included as well as the standard set of vises. With this combination you can duplicate all of the keys mentioned above.


Change From Duplication To Code Cutting In Seconds

The Sidewinder 2 uses depth & space “rods” which can be engaged in about 15 seconds when you want to code cut. Simply tighten the knurled thumb screw to engage the rod.


Code Cut Volkswagen/Audi, Honda, Lexus Long & Short, GM, Ford, and Hyundai/Kia 4 Track Out Of The Box

The Sidewinder 2 comes with everything you need to code cut all of these keys at time of purchase. Depth & space rods are easily changeable. Switching from one manufacturer to another takes about one minute and requires no adjustment to the rods.


Receive Genericode ME Free With Machine Purchase!

A form is included with the Sidewinder 2 to receive our full version of Genericode ME. Simply send in (or fax over) the form & proof of purchase and you’ll be sent a copy of Genericode ME within seven days!

Sidewinder 2 Code Kits:

Kits in BOLD are included with the SD2- LX7 package

PART #          Descriptions


GHMS751:     Chevrolet/Saturn

GHMS752:     Lexus Long/Short

GHMS753:     Infiniti

GHMS754:     Honda

GHMS755:     VW/Audi

GHMS756:     Mercedes 4 Track

GHMS757:     Hyundai / Kia

GHMS758:     BMW 4 Track

GHMS759:     Saab BC & 2S1

GHMS760:     Subaru

GHMS761:      Fiat

GHMS762:      Ford Fiesta

GHMS764:      BMW 2 Track

GHMS765:      Lexus 80000 Series

GHMS775:     Tibbe Fixture

GHMS766:     Hyundai T/C Two Track Kit

GHMS767:     Chevy Captiva / Pontiac G8 Kit

GHMS768:     Opel / Pontiac GTO Kit


Common Part Numbers:

PART #          Descriptions


SH029:               Hand Held Tip Stop

GHCB093:         3/32″ Cutter (smallest)

GHCB093LS:     3/32″ Cutter For Lexus/Kia/Hyundai Only (Plunge)

GHCB3M:          3mm Cutter (middle size)

GHCC156:         5/32″ Cutter (largest)

GHMS093:         3/32″ Guide (smallest)

GHMS3M:          3mm Guide (middle size)

GHMS156:         5/32″ Guide (largest)

GHMS461:         Plastic Chip Guard

GHSH0601:       Standard A/B Vise Set


PART #          Descriptions


SD1:              Sidewinder Duplicator

SD2:              Sidewinder 2 Code Machine / Duplicator

SD2-LX7:      SD2 Honda,VW,Kia/Hy,Lexus S/L,Ford,Chevy

SD2-RAC3:   Sidewinder 2 Chevy/Subaru/Kia Spec 3/32"

SD2-RAC5:   Sidewinder 2 RAC3 w/Ford, Lexus Short

SD2-TB:        SD2 For Tibbe Key Origination

SD2-XXXX:   Sidewinder 2 / One Set Rods / Spec. App

VW SD1:       Sidewinder For VW/Audi - VW Vises Only

F2MS601:     Drive Belt for Sidewinder with 4" Drive Pulley

GESH011:     Y Slide

GESH013:     Feed Shaft

GESH014:     Feed Handle

GESH017:     .2 Depth Block

GESH029:     Hand Held Key Stop

GESH031:     Spindle

GESH040:     Depth Knob

GESH304:     Table Block